Robotics Final Exam

Spring 2009

Your exam is worth 20% of your semester course grade. 

During the exam:

This is an individual exam.

Stay in your seat

Do not talk

When it is time to demonstrate the code that you have written, let Mr. Connors know.

When you are done with your robotic kit, bring it to Mr. Connors and have it checked out.


You will be using your Google Docs for this exam. When you are done, you will need to print it and email a copy to Duxtech.  


Basic Stamp - 30 points

Use the basic stamp to make a program that:


For extra credit: make the robot go in a circle, then a triangle, and blink an LED while running the circle part of the code and blink a second LED while running the triangle part of the code. 


Creating Solutions - 30 points

During this class, you have had the opportunity to solve problems and create solutions.

Using the project of your choice, tell how you have worked individually or with the group to solve a technical problem in each of the robotics projects we have done. Write a paragraph for each of the questions below:


MATE or Basic Stamp

Explain how you solved a problem with one of the systems that we were building.

  1. What was the problem?
  2. Where did you gather information from?
  3. What were some of the possible solutions you considered?
  4. What was the best solution and why?


Term 4 Projects: 20 points

During the second half of term 4, many people did individual projects.

Write about your project below: (Responses to each item must be at least one paragraph long)


Reflection on your experiences and skills: 20 points

What was the most useful thing you learned from your coursework in DuxTech?

How will you be able to use it later in your studies and life?

If this were an ideal situation, what would you personally have done to make this a more effective learning experience?