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  1. Create a project
  2. It must have some movement
  3. It must use the Basic Stamp
  4. It must respond to its environment
  5. it can use any combination of sensors, touch, light, infared, sound
  6. It does not have to roll
  7. Use of sound is a positive
  8. Creation of sound is a positive
  9. Using unusual environments is a positive
  10. You may not destroy your or anybody else's Boe Bot
  11. You must have a public display aspect to the project
  12. The project must be complete by the end of classes for the term
  13. Check out this video for an example of what you could do: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8719979369427237579
  14. Here is another link




  1. Create a document that identifies the tasks you will need to work on
  2. You should have an idea of how you will spend your time
  • Include the following in your proposal:
  1. A section of what you want to do
  2. Programming
  3. Circuit
  4. Construction
  5. environment
  6. Display



  • Roadmap the project
  1. What are the tasks that need to be done?
  2. Is there a sequence that must be followed?
  3. Most likely, you will be able to divide up the project between the group members
  4. Have each person work on an aspect fo the project so that the whole thing comes together towards the end of your timeframe.
  5. Each person does their tasks
  6. You may need to revise the map, ideally things take less time than anticipated.

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