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In this next project, you can choose from a variety of programmable robotic systems.

We'll take a look at them and assess them on a couple of important points.


Here are some questions to get you rolling:

  • What is the system? Look it up online and find out what it is, who makes it, what the website is etc.
  • How is it programmed? What languages work for it, what interfaces/cables/towers does it need?
  • What have people done with this system? Find examples online of robotics projects done in the system and show them off.
  • Find the community of experimenters. With each of these systems, there is a robust community of makers out there trying and showing off their work. Look through the forums, find blog posts about it and see what people are saying about their work.


As you search for the information on the systems, make a blog post about what you find. Include pictures, videos, links and tell your opinions about what you find.

You will be working in pairs on this project, each person will have their own device to work with and program, but you'll be on similar systems.

In this project, you'll

  • Find out about the systems and how to use them. 
  • Learn how to connect the system to the computer
  • Learn how to write the codes that will help you operate the system
  • Learn how to control the input (sensors) and output (motors, speakers, lights, etc) with code

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