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Here are some guidelines for your work on this project

30  - Documentation

Using your Ning blog, you'll keep track of all the websites that you find information about your system.

You will also keep track of your progress on the project by taking photos and video of significant setups.

You will also post your code, either on google documents, shared as a web page or directly on your blog.

You can save your code and upload it to your ning account.

Really excellent documentation is very valuable to the community of people working on projects like these and a stellar effort here could earn you some extra credit.


30 - Programs

You will write at least three to six programs that make use of the output devices and input devices on your 'bot.

These programs will be written by you and your partner.

All programs will need to have your first name and initial commented into the code along with the date and file name.


30 - Construction of the robot/environment

You will build a robot with materials available.

These materials can be LEGOs, metal, plastic, etc.

You may also build an environment for the vehicle/robot to operate in.

If your 'bot is already mostly constructed, you will need more emphasis on the environment.


10 - Paper portfolio

At the completion of the project, you will create a paper portfolio with

prints of your blog posts,

Prints of the code you have written

Explanation of what you have done and learned in the project.

The portfolio will be in a ring binder or presentation folder.

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