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Junkbot Video!

In your work as a creative robotics engineer, it is important for you to show your work, document it and explain how you did the project. One of the ways of doing this is to make a brief video of your project where you explain and demonstrate. Since the community of robot builders is worldwide, you can get feedback about your project from people who live very far away from you, and this will serve as a record of what you have done and how you did it. Video is an important tool to use, though not the only tool for documentation. The hardware and distribution systems for making your own video have never been easier to find or operate. Over time, they will only get better and easier to use.

Here's what you will need:

  • A camera that can shoot video digitally    

         Digital camera, cellphone camera, digital camcorder, etc

  • A computer to edit and transfer your video

         (This may be optional if you have a decent video capable cellphone)

  • A way to transfer the file, such as an email account
  • Your Junkbot


Ok, now how to do it...

Gather your stuff

Think about what you will say in 1-2 minutes of video

Make a note/outline with the ideas you want to get across

Start your camera and junkbot

Explain what you made

How you made it

What the parts were before

What the features of your junkbot are


So now what do do with the video....

Email it! send the file to duxtech@gmail.com

Upload it! upload the video to flickr.com (90 seconds max), youtube.com, vimeo.com

Build some buzz! Share the video with some friends, submit it to a blog, see what happens when people look at your video. Watch your video's stats and see what happens.


Writeup your reflection:

A minute or two is probably not enough time to say everything you experienced in this project. With writing, you can say much more, and are not limited by time constraints.

Write a description of your experience with the project.

Include the following:

  • A description of what you built
  • Where the parts came from on the CD drive
  • What you learned about the components that you used
  • What you learned about at least three components that you did not use
  • Tell about the skills that you gained from doing this project, be specific
  • Describe how you might use these skills in other parts of your life.


  • Your video, 1-2 minutes long showing your junkbot in action
  • On your video, you explain about your junkbot and how you made it, what the parts were before and what the features of your junkbot are.
  • A writeup with a paragraph for each of the items listed above
  • Project (video and writeup) is completed on time


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