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Exploring a CD Drive

What am I going to learn to do?

You will use the battery pack and disassembled cd drive to find out what the parts of the drive do, and how they work with electricity.


What tools will I use?

Battery pack


Paper and Pen/pencil

Safety glasses

What are the ideas I will work with?




Electrical components: motor, LED, capacitor

Mechanical systems: gear train, pulley,


How do I do it?

Put on your safety glasses

Use the CD drive that you took apart previously.

Use the battery pack that you built already.

Test your battery pack to see what the voltage is before you start.

Get a blank sheet of paper in your notebook and a pen/pencil.

Write down the voltage of your pack before you start.

Make note of which side is positive and which is negative.


Sketch out the innards of the cd drive.

Use your sketch to make notes of what you find out.

Touch the probes of your battery to various components.

Make note of what they do.






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