Student Names


Vehicle design:

- Meets size specifications

- Uses 3 or more wheels or 3 or more tracks to move

- Vehicle is built to win through using a strategy (offense or defense)


Vehicle construction:

- Rolls on its own wheels

- Axles spin, but are securely attached

- Motor drives at least one wheel

- Motor is securely attached

- Gears mesh without slip

- Gears are attached securely to axle or wheel


Competition requirements:

- Drives to bottom platform

- Puts ball in hole

- Switches directions

- Makes it past the start line

- Knocks over pin

- Holds ground at top



- Connections are neat and use a minimum of solder

- Circuit causes motor to turn

- Circuit causes motor to reverse direction


Registration form for Competion

Registration for the event is due at BU by May 12 2006. Registration and participation is not required, but highly encouraged and considered extra credit.

If you need assistance, speak with Mr. Connors before Wednesday, May 10.


- Completely filled out for both team members

- Check for $25 attached


You can use treads

Hi Scott/Matt,

You are welcome to use tank treads. Be advised, however, that each

tread counts as one wheel. The rules stipulate that you must use at

least 3 wheels.


Karen Ryan Shaffer

Assistant Director, Events & Special Programs

College of Engineering, Undergraduate Programs

44 Cummington Street, Room 107

Boston, MA 02215




From: spoli1010

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 12:40 PM

To: Engineering, College Of

Subject: using tracks


Are u allowed to use tank treds for the hacky sack and flag compition

at BU 2006. We are creating a design that is using tank treds to move.

Please write back with your answer.


Thank You For Your Time Scott, Matt




When you are done with this sheet, hand it in, when it has been graded, attach it to your blue documentation book.

Partner Names

Explain the rules

Describe the track

What does the vehicle need to do/be?

Describe the vehicle you might make


draw possible designs on the back