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The Boe Bot is a decent system, and one of the features that is good about it is that it is designed to be modified. The aluminum chassis has a bunch of holes and slots that are great for attaching things. It is possible to buy kits that will attach to the boebot, but it is also possible to fabricate your own.


In the design process, it is often best to try something out in prototype form. sketch models are often made with an abundant and easy to work material before making it in a more difficult or scarce material. For this project, paper works well for a sketch model.



  1. build a housing on the boe bot
  2. protect it from other bots
  3. personalize it
  4. Test the design against other bots
  5. work it out in paper
  6. Since paper is both abundant and easy to work, you should make a few versions
  7. When you have a design that looks like it works well, you can build with a different material if you want.


Boe Bot Mod Rumble


  • Does it have a housing
  • Is the housing made of aluminum?
  • Is the housing made with care and attention to detail?
  • Does the housing allow for updating the program?
  • Does the housing allow for updating the circuit?
  • Is the housing personalized and customized?
  • Does the housing help the bot defend itself
  • The housing should not damage other bots
  • Hand in your paper version of the housing at the time of the test
  • If you have drawings of the BoeBotMod process, they will help your project

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